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In our parking area we provide 850 free parking spaces to our visitors.


1st hour free of charge
2nd hour 300 Ft
3rd hour 300 Ft
starting from the 4th hour 400 Ft

The tariffs are also valid on Sundays!

After validating the parking card, our visitors have 15 minutes to leave the parking storey. If you exceed the specified time, it will be regarded as a newly commenced hour.

Car wash

During shopping, you can leave your car at Prosis Car Wash for a thorough external and internal cleanup!

Services of Prosis Car Wash:

  • manual car wash
  • External and internal car care
  • upholstery cleaning
  • wax
  • premium services

Opening hours

Monday - saturday: 8:00 - 20:00
Sunday: 9:00 - 18:00


online: www.prosis.hu

FOXPOST automata

A Foxpost csomagautomata a felső szinten, a kis látogatói mosdónál helyezkedik el, itt találhatóak a csomagmegőrző szekrények és az egyik OTP-automata is.

További információt itt találhat: http://www.foxpost.hu/

Other services

We try to make your stay even more pleasant with various services.

Toilettes for the disabled

The building is accessible for people with a wheelchair, too.

Men's / women's / children's toilets

upper and lower storeys, too



Parking garage office

at the parking level



Luggage storage

Baby changing room



(OTP Bank, Erste Bank, UniCredit Bank, Raiffeissen Bank, MKB Bank)


Parking area for the disabled